Stop paying interest on your credit cards.


You, Like myself and another 60 MILLION people in the UK may own a credit card. Who in march 2016 alone spent £12.6 billion, Just the thought of how many of those purchased were made with a high-interest rate usually of around 18.9% makes my gut sink.

You often see Martin Lewis on TV stating that you should always pay your credit card balance IN FULL each month, but we all know that’s not always possible, If we could such monthly outlay without notice in an emergency we wouldn’t have a credit card in the first place.

My suggestion is to head over to Clear Score. They offer a FREE credit report, but better than that they have a service which shows what balance transfer credit cards you are likely to be accepted to, with an estimate of how much you will save by moving your balance and stopping those interest charges.

Now be warned a 90% chance means 10 in every 100 applicants with a similar credit file to yours do NOT get the card, so don’t take it personally if you get turned down.

Once you get a card I recommend you move the balance over and calculate how many months and at what amount you need to pay to avoid any charges on your balance.
E.g. £6000 over 43 months needs a £139.53 monthly payment for EVERY one of the 43 months to avoid interest.


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