Meal Planning – Reduce Your Supermarket Spend

Meal Planning to save money

Are you always looking for a new way to make the total at the supermarkets cheaper, but don’t want to skimp out on good healthy meals? Step in Meal Planning. Download our FREE printable.

It’s daunting but its very simple to start, as you’ll see below it’s easier to meal plan one meal a day to start off with. But why do it? Here are five reasons why you should meal plan.

  1. Meal planning saves money – simply by only buying what’s needed for each meal, you’ll save money on buying items that could not be used for weeks.
  2. Meal planning saves time – sounds mad, that taking time to plan your weekly evening meals will save you time, but it’s true, how many times have you started cooking and realised you’ve run out of an ingredient. By planning carefully you will have all the items you need in your cupboards for each meal.
  3. Meal planning shows you your fruit and veg intake – 5 a day, 7 a day or 10 a day whichever advice you listen to by having meals planned you can easily add an extra portion of vegetables. Cooking a cottage pie, simply add a portion of steamed broccoli onto your plan to boost that day’s intake.
  4. Meal planning avoids after school stress – Ever get home from the school run, kids starving and you have no idea what to cook? A plan will eliminate this worry, making mealtimes stress free and more enjoyable.
  5. Meal planning reduces food waste – Ever open the fridge and find some food has spoiled? Our worst culprit is mushrooms. They will be a thing of the past with a meal plan, as you’ll only be buying what you are going to be using that week.

We have created a FREE printable meal planner for you to download and use. Just click the link to download in PDF format. WiseParents Evening Meal Planner Printable


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