Dorco Razor Pace6 Plus Review + £5 discount.

Dorco Razor

An Honest Unsponsored Dorco Razor Pace6 Plus Review Plus get £5 off your first order.

This blog post covers my change to using a Dorco Razor. For a long time, in fact, forever, I have used the latest Gillette razor available to buy. From Mach 3 to Fusion Power and even the most recent ProShield Flexball. Now they are good, but also expensive at £20.99 for 6 blades in Boots.

Having decided that I no longer wish to pay for such overpriced blades I began my online search. There are much better-priced razors available from Dorco to King of Shaves or Cornerstone. I found a deal for Dorco Razor meaning for £12.23 I got 2 x Pace6 handles and 10 x Pace6 Plus razor blades delivered, so naturally I had to give them a try.

This isn’t the usual price, replacements will cost £15.98 for 8 blades delivered. Which is still a huge saving, Gillette work out at £3.50 a blade vs £1.99 from Dorco. ‘Win for the Dorco Razor’

Dorco Razor
Minimal Packing on replacement blades.

Order & Delivery

I ordered on Monday morning and got them Tuesday, that’s brilliant especially as my last Gillette blade had just about managed my shave the day before.

As you can see the packaging is minimal, no hurt planet here with excess blister packing!

The handles the perfect weight and felt just right in my hand with a nice rubber grip making sure it wasn’t going to slip.

I was skeptical about going for a razor that had 6 heads, but the blades are super sharp and simply glide across your face with the rubber readying bar making sure each hair is stood to attention and waiting to be cut, this is far better than any readying bar I have ever seen. The moisturising bar didn’t seem to be any more amazing than that found on the Gillette but neither was it beaten by it, they are similar in my opinion.

Razors by Dorco Pace6, Close-up of razor head.
Razors by Dorco Pace6, Close-up of razor head.

The all important first shave

I was eager to give my new Dorco razor a try. but to get a good test I prepared my face in two halves.One side of my face with shaving foam and the other with classic soap on a brush. W – O – W!

These blades are SHARP, and manage an extremely close shave. Even while writing this blog some 10 hours after shaving my skin is still noticeably smoother than after a Gillette shave. I found that I got a smoother shave with the foam than using the soap, so I may look into different soap as it’s my favourite method. Any recommendations?

I did notice a little redness but after looking online I may have been applying too much pressure after being used to a different razor in the past. It had died down within 10 minutes anyway so was nothing to worry about. Overall the shave for the price was OUTSTANDING, and I will be switching to Dorco.

Jumping forward I highly recommend you try Droco even if you order just a handle and blade combo to try them out.

If you wish to give them a try, follow this link and you will get £5 towards your first order, I will also get £5 off my next order.

Dorco also offer women’s razors but Amy has enough for a few more months before she needs to buy some, at which point she will be trailing a ladies Dorco Razor.

This review was written by me as an honest review, I received no discount or payment, I just wanted a genuine review for people who are looking for an alternative to the major brands.

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