Hire a static caravan for a Caravan Holiday


After starting January like many brits with little spare money and the hope of a holiday, we found ourselves collecting “£9.50 Sun Holiday” vouchers. Little did we know that come midnight on booking day the scheme appeared to be heavily over advertised we simply could not find a caravan holiday with the date we wanted and upon checking the sun holiday facebook group we saw that hundreds if not thousands of people had the same problem, no dates available for in the school holidays, yet they were advertised.
We needed a solution and fast, the kids need a holiday, I NEED a holiday, and Amy NEEDS a holiday. I spent hours online checking direct booking websites & eBay listings until I stumbled upon UKcaracans4hire.com.

UKcaravans4hire are a type of directory for people who own a static caravan and are looking to hire it out. After a short time of looking, I found the perfect priced break on a Butlins site. Okay, it was considerably more than a £9.50 break but it was also around £300 cheaper than booking with Butlins direct.

Upon contacting the owner of the caravan we chose http://www.ukcaravans4hire.com/to-let-userid1953.html by email then later by phone, I had a few questions as it was the first time I had ever booked a holiday in this way. She reassured me of how simple the process was and a way to check she wasn’t a “fraud”.

She told me that once I was off the phone to her I was to phone Butlins directly and speak to a member of the caravan’s team to confirm if the caravan was indeed owned by her amongst other tips I’ll list below.

  1. Make contact with the park directly giving them the pitch number from your seller and the name of the seller you have and ask them to confirm they are the owner, explaining you’re looking to hire the caravan for a holiday. They should be more than happy to help.
  2. For your deposit make a payment via PAYPAL, once you have done this and have your booking confirmation, you can make the remaining payments, in the same way, to be safe, but some owners may wish to deal by Bank Transfers. This is at your own risk as it offers no buyer protection.
  3. Make sure you understand what you are getting for your money. Are entertainment passes included? is bedding supplied? does the price including taking along your dog?.
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions no matter how small or odd you may think they are.

So there you have it a way to book a holiday that not quite £9.50 but its also a long way from the £800 Butlins were asking directly.


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